Map social systems. Build human relationships.

Encompass is a new tool for social systems research. Map your program, organization, or system to analyze human relationships at the individual, group and systemic level. Then, set goals to find pathways to social impact.


Users express their own understanding of how daily life factors influence their wellbeing. Different data types can be integrated into a single framework, allowing for a mixed methods approach to monitoring and evaluation.


Include multiple perspectives on a complex system to analyze collective impact. Zoom in for individual perspectives, zoom out for the collective understanding.


Visual mapping format allow users to more fully express their thoughts for strengthened communication and data collection. Real-time mapping interface powers collaborative mapping in groups.


Goal setting feature allows users to explore what if scenarios and visualize potential impacts, setting the stage for pragmatic discussions and focused decision making processes.

Individual Discovery

See how individuals can monitor their own emotional health by mapping their social environments.

Community Discovery

See how communities can monitor their own resilience by mapping their environmental resources.

Talk to Us About Encompass

Do you want to understand the human element in large scale systems? Do you have a community-based project you want to evaluate? Do you want to simplify your complicated monitoring and evaluation program? Do you struggle to understand how to solve a systemic problem? Get in touch, we'd love to talk.